Nairobi National Park, Kenya

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I was recently in Nairobi with Pete and while there he took me to the Nairobi National Park.  What an incredibly beautiful park!  It is located just 5 miles from the city and is the only protected area in the world with wildlife in the city.

It was exciting to see animals we don’t get in Addo National Elephant park, like one of my all time favourites, the giraffe.  They are such majestic animals.

If you ever have the opportunity to visit Nairobi, Kenya, I highly recommend you make the time to visit the National park.

Nairobi NP May 2016 376

Nairobi NP May 2016 9Nairobi NP May 2016 21Nairobi NP May 2016 23Nairobi NP May 2016 30Nairobi NP May 2016 35Nairobi NP May 2016 41Nairobi NP May 2016 58Nairobi NP May 2016 89Nairobi NP May 2016 138Nairobi NP May 2016 150Nairobi NP May 2016 180Nairobi NP May 2016 207Nairobi NP May 2016 215Nairobi NP May 2016 236Nairobi NP May 2016 238Nairobi NP May 2016 310Nairobi NP May 2016 338Nairobi NP May 2016 346Nairobi NP May 2016 432

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